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Desert Stars - Hamster Wheel


Sometimes Garage can be such a pacifying sound, rough and ready of course, but essentially without any real bite. NY’s own, Desert Stars, however have developed a way of controlling this sound to manipulate it into a pulsating and salivating nuance as it threatens to materialise from the speaker straight into your ear. It’s ‘Hamster Wheel’ and it’s our Track of the Day.

The Brooklyn trio have a way of keeping control of an otherwise marauding rhythm which at times threatens all who come near but is reigned in by the band at every occasion. Like a pit bull at the end of a choke collar they retain their pop hooks and effortless shoegaze style all with the threat that this might get ugly if only they wanted to.

A storming sound which swells and desists with the worrying ease of a typhoon in a tea cup. Easily changeable and containable but still enough to make our head spin, we could stare at Desert Stars all night.

Jack Whatley