Demob Happy share brand new video for ‘Dead Dreamers’


Brightonians Demob Happy have shared the brilliant new video for their single ‘Dead Dreamers’. The video features a puppet band who take on some rather demonic situations, not least imitating the band themselves.

The track is a deeply jagged song and speaks volumes of the new album upcoming. Mainly that the new album will need to have the volume monitored constantly. Loud and proud is how they tend to do it.

Speaking of the track Matt Marcanatonio explained “It’s the fruit of a long weekend and three spare puppets to mess with. We grew up watching Jim Henson films like The Dark Crystal, that was our childhood, and it’s the sort of idea you conjure up but never think you’ll do. Then we ended up with these spare puppets and we couldn’t afford actors so we got all our friends together and made it over a lost weekend. We just fucked around till we got something good.”

See the video below.