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Demob Happy Release New Single 'Wash It Down'

Demob Happy, the scuzz-bags from Brighton, are back with another sultry, riff fuelled track to smear grime across the sunshine and enjoy the burn as they do it. You have to have a listen to latest effort ‘Wash It Down’.

Released via SO Records on August 14th the song is a rallying cry to the oppressed masses and a big fuck you to the “trust fund rockers” who are keener to keep the norm and make sure their inheritance isn’t hurt than speak up for anyone else.

The track’s message is matched by its ferocity, using the band’s incredible wall of sound to create a heavy crash and a thundering banging at the door of ambivalence. In fact it’s a fucking battering ram.

Marcantonio says “It’s become too difficult to talk about change and navigate the ‘fuck the government’ cliché minefield without sounding like a dick.”

Well, give it a go lad because nobody fucking else is.

Mob, mob, mob.