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Credit: Deerhoof


Deerhoof share hilarious new video for '"Farewell" Symphony'


Deerhoof have shared a brand new video for their song ‘”Farewell” Symphony’ and in a very dark time, it is a beacon of light and joy.

The new track is the third and latest cut from their upcoming album Future Teenage Cave Artists and is a typically noisy affair, imbued with the kind of power only Deerhoof possess.

The video is compiled from splicing together a host of clips of performances of Austrian composer Franz Joseph Hayden’s classical “Farewell” Symphony from which the track takes its name.

“Just imagine if all the living things that’ve been done in by capitalism could reunite for one big final bow,” commented the band’s Greg Saunier in a statement alongside the video release.

“All the extinct cool underground music scenes, all the extinct species of plants and animals, all the extinct arts and educational and political systems that were meant to help people…they’d all be there!”

Watch the video for Deerhoof’s ‘”Farewell” Symphony’ below: