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Declan McKenna unleashes ‘Paracetamol’

You know when you were 16, you had a record contract with Columbia, written one of the tracks of the summer attacking cultural corruption and you were the winner of Glastonbury Festival’s Emerging Talent Competition. No? Us neither. But Declan McKenna can boast all those things under his belt.

The lad has got a knack for a tune and he is showing that his recent release ‘Brazil’ (which earned him the record contract and took a stinging look at corruption within football) was no fluke with a synth-pop danceathon also known as ‘Paracetamol’.

Sounding somewhere between Tom Vek, The Horrors and The Mystery Jets McKenna’s lyrics are sweet but with more bite than expected for someone so young. Declan McKenna is going to be around a while, mark our words.–b4m_IGRQ