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(Credit: Press/ Declan McKenna)


Watch Declan McKenna perform outside Houses of Parliament

Declan McKenna has taken to the banks of the Thames in his first live performance of 2021.

Channelling his innermost John Lydon, McKenna hopped on a boat with his live band and performed four tracks: ‘Twice Your Size’ and ‘Sagittarius A*’ from last year’s Zeroes, the smash single that is quickly becoming McKenna’s signature song, ‘Brazil’, and the standalone 2019 single ‘British Bombs’, the latter of which’s pointed lyrical content made it an appropriate choice for the event.

The performance was part of the launch of Climate Live, a series of global concerts on October 16th 2021 meant to raise awareness among a younger audience to the ongoing climate crisis and to empower them to speak against politicians and corporations who enable it. A banner behind McKenna Laid out a laconic summation of the organisation’s message to world leaders: ‘CAN YOU HEAR US YET?’

In a statement to coincide with the concerts, McKenna expanded on his own message: “The question I’d ask world leaders is what disaster are we waiting for? There’s so much reason and so much cause to change the way we’re doing things right now and why wait? Why wait to act on this? We really are already seeing the impacts of climate change, of temperatures rising all around the world. We are already seeing the impact of pollution, the impact of all of this stuff for many years now – why wait? Why wait to do something massive?”

Fun side note: I interviewed Declan McKenna just after the release of Zeroes. A funnier, smarter, more down to earth guy you could not possibly find. He talked a fair amount about his dedication to political causes and how it influences his lyrical and musical output. The kicker is that I was using faulty recording equipment and promptly lost the first major interview I had ever done with a famous artist. Take note, all you aspiring journalists: check your goddamn equipment, or else you’ll be faced down in a toilet vomiting violently because the only option left is drinking away your own stupidity. No one ever said it was a glamorous job.

Anyway, check out the full set from McKenna down below.

Setlist: ‘Twice Your Size’, ‘Brazil’, ‘Sagittarius A*’, ‘British Bombs’