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Declan McKenna goes big on new track ‘Humungous’

The prince of pop (yes, we just named him prince of pop) Declan McKenna has long since matured from his humble beginnings winning a Glasto comp to play a set. Not only will he be there this year, but he will be there with a plethora of catchy tunes and a new album on the way.

What Do You Think of the Car? is the new album, out on Columbia Records very soon, and the plethora of tunes range from ‘Paracetamol’ and ‘Brazil’ to ‘Isombard’ and now his new one ‘Humungous’. The track is what we have now come to expect from McKenna. Hooks bigger than Senor Peter Hook (the hookiest man about town), with a stylised message for his fans, all mixed together to create an edible chunk of thoughtful and fun pop.

McKenna said this of the new track “This was the last song I wrote for the record, not to pick a favourite child but I think this might be, definitely a step in the direction I’m heading in, I love big powerful choruses that you can just scream, and I wanted this to be one of those.

“I remember writing it just sat home alone with my sister’s guitar in complete euphoria with only a chorus written and nothing else, just shouting the words which are super vague but just summed up all the confusion and frustration I’ve had the last two years”.

The video is just as big with Declan being green-screened on to a whole host of situations including an old time-y shootout, a lobster/politician hybrid, a giant iguana – and other totally regular things. Directed by Taz Tron Delix, you can watch it below and enjoy the surrealism whilst being serenaded by one of the hottest prospects around.