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Debbie Harry performs an acoustic cover of 'Heart of Glass' in awkward TV interview, 1993

We’re dipping into the Far Out Magazine vault to look back at one of the more awkward moments of Blondie’s Debbie Harry’s incredible career.

Back in 1993, there were few things as untouchable as morning television. The British institution of candied smiles and canned laughter at the crack of dawn was the only place to be to properly speak to the British public. Debbie Harry, on a tour away from Blondie, was asked to make an appearance on the cheesy morning show ‘GMTV’. Her performance may have been brilliant but the setting was incredibly awkward.

Harry was on the morning show to promote her new record Devotion and the subsequent tour she was embarking on. Known as the ‘Debravation’ tour it saw Harry on the road with a jam-packed setlist and a new sense of self following Blondie’s unwanted break-up. It saw Harrycommand the stage and showcase her talent.

The setlist of the Debravation Tour featured an offbeat selection of Harry material including the previously unreleased track ‘Close Your Eyes’ (from 1989) and ‘Ordinary Bummer’, as well as some brilliant covers. The artist walks on the set of GMTV to deliver a beautiful acoustic performance of ‘Heart of Glass’ amid some very awkward words from the host.

The ITV stalwart of the nineties was born on the premise of providing oven-ready and easily digestible segments all held together by the plastic smiles of the hosts—your usual morning fodder. At this time, one of the biggest names in television was host, Eamon Holmes. Sometimes affable, sometimes laughable, the host does his best job of coming across as both a horny little boy and a lecherous old man, all while being distinctively middle-aged.

Holmes goes on to make some vague references to Harry’s appearance and some not so subtle ones. “You were a sex bomb then and you’re a sex bomb now,” he says as he puts his arm around the singer for a needlessly awkward interaction, which screams “get the hell off me”. Harry, ever the professional, shrugs off the greasy-fingered host and is clearly happy to get on with the task at hand—performing.

Harry, backed by a single acoustic guitar, gives a beautiful rendition of Blondie’s iconic chart hit, ‘Heart of Glass’. Written by Chris Stein and Harry in 1979, the track resembles one of the band’s most notable works and here Harry gives a touching and tender rendition of the pop smash.

It’s a moment of pure gold. A golden performance of ‘Heart of Glass’ from Debbie Harry and a golden example of why we should leave morning tv shows in the past.

Watch below as Debbie Harry performs ‘Heart of Glass’ in 1993 on GMTV.