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(Credit: AVRO)


Debbie Harry, Alice Cooper to appear in new Suzi Quatro documentary


The official trailer for a new a Suzi Quatro documentary has been released and includes appearances from both Debbie Harry and Alice Cooper.

Suzi Q arrives as the brand new film focused on the life of pioneering and influential female rock star Quatro which will be released later this year and has been directed by Liam Firmager.

In the trailer, which sees Quatro out running, welcomes Runaways singer Cherie Currie discuss her contemporary: “She was the first, and broke the ice and kicked the doors for us gals,” Currie says in the clip. “If people have overlooked her, that’s their fault.”

“A lot of girls had tried to be Suzi Quatro,” Alice Cooper says. “But when it’s in the DNA, you can’t fake that.”

Joing the conversation, Debby Harry contributes: “This woman has so much energy, so much talent. She could have done anything.”

“Over the four-plus years making the film, the idea that Suzi’s status had been forgotten in the USA slowly dawned on us — because in the rest of the world everyone knows that she is the first and one of the most important trailblazers in rock and roll,” producer Tait Brady explained in a press release. “And that then influenced the direction the film took — it became our mission to redress history.”

See the trailer, below.