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Deb Never releases new track 'Sorry'


L.A. based musician Deb Never has released her latest single, ‘Sorry’.

A cool mix of alt-rock and bedroom pop, ‘Sorry’ twitches with hip-hop beats and soft pillowy synth pads, occasionally joined by some elastic electric guitar. Never’s breathy vocals in the verses give way to a more confrontational chorus delivery that hits harder and pummels the hook into your brain. Propped up by some mild drug references (clutch your pearls, if necessary) and a certain bemused detachment, Never channels angst and anxiety into an indelible indie rock mixture, but always sings like she’s a step ahead of her main lyrical subject, who just seems like the absolute worst.

Lyrically, the song seems to take aim at some big shot asshat who peacocks like a super famous celebrity but, in reality, is just a dull waste of space. Is Deb apologetic for this unflattering portrait? Of course not! “Fucked up, blacked out drunk at another party/Big shit rock star but I think you’re boring/Now I’m gone, moved on, yeah I’m never sorry”. I’ve never heard the term “glass face” used before to describe how painfully obvious someone’s emotions and intentions are, but it works really well here.

Never has had some solid singles released over the past three years or so, but the only extended-release credited solely to the artist’s name is the House on Wheels EP from 2019. That’s not to say Never has been taking it easy, though. She collaborated with producer Kenny Beats for the Intermission EP last year, which benefited Direct Relief and provided support for frontline healthcare workers during the height of the Covid pandemic. That’s pretty cool. She was also featured on slowthai’s ‘Push’ earlier this year, and the two are currently on tour throughout the UK.

Check out the audio for ‘Sorry’ down, below.