(Credit: Death Valley Girls)


Death Valley Girls release video for 'Little Things'


Death Valley Girls, the utterly rad American rock collective, have unveiled a new video for their song ‘Little Things’.

“We wrote ‘Little Things’ for a friend of ours who has been fighting for his life in physical pain for years,” band guitarist and vocalist Bonnie Bloomgarden explained. “While we talked about how stinky his health and living situation was, he realised how much he still loved dreaming. We both realized if he shifted his focus to the part of his life, he loved- even if it was just when he was dreaming/daydreaming, that was perfectly ok! Focus on the little things!”

That’s a remarkably optimistic attitude for a truly awful situation. On a similar note, “remarkably optimistic” is not the first descriptor I would use for the boom and doom of the band’s sometimes post-punk, sometimes hyped-up rock and roll riffage. Especially on 2018’s Darkness Rains, in my humble opinion, their finest work and easily one of the year’s best albums, the potent mix of rockabilly, punk, and The B-52’s-esque vocals created a creeping, lurching sound somewhere between The Cramps and Bikini Kill.

‘Little Things’, and the entirety of last year’s Under the Spell of Joy, lives somewhere closer to the brighter indie rock world than their previous work, right down to its earworm shout-along chorus. Still, Death Valley Girls’ middle of the road is still most people’s left field, and the wonky guitar lines of ‘Little Things’ proves it.

Death Valley Girls have been consistent in releasing a new LP every two years since 2014’s Street Venom. That makes 2021 an in-between year for the band, which is a bummer, but it also means that I can start anticipating their fifth album right now. Thankfully, they’ve got plenty of great material to hold us all over until then.

Check out the video for ‘Little Things’ down below.