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Death Cab For Cutie confirm that their new album is complete

Death Cab For Cutie have revealed that their 10th studio album is complete, confirming that a preview of new music will arrive next week.

The Washington indie group released their latest studio record, Thank You For Today, back in 2018. A five-track collection of covers titled The Georgia EP was released in 2020 via Bampcamp and was later made available across all major streaming platforms.

Now, Death Cab For Cutie has taken to their Instagram page to post a photograph of the band in a recording studio. “New album done,” the caption read. They then informed fans that a preview single can be expected next Wednesday (May 11th). A link was also added to allow fans to pre-save the as-yet-untitled track.

Back in March 2021, frontman Ben Gibbard explained that one of the sources of inspiration behind the creation of Death Cab’s next LP was his then-new Fender Mustang guitar.

“We’ve got a lot of songs and I’m really happy with the material,” he said. “I’m sure a lot of musicians say that their new material is the best thing they’ve ever done and try to hype it up. I don’t want to give it that weight, but I can say that I’m really excited about it. I think it’s going to be a really good record.”

He continued, explaining that the new music they were working on would reflect on his personal life and tackles the idea of mortality amid the backdrop of the Covid-19 pandemic.

“There is a theme of the loss of time and the finite amount of it that we all have,” Gibbard explained. “This last year of our lives has put a fine point on the fact that we are all mortal and only here for a brief period of time. It goes by quicker than you think.”

He continued: “Love and death are always big things for me, but there’s a new component about how quickly time moves and how impermanent our existence here truly is.”

Death Cab For Cutie are set to embark on a run of shows this summer, with a further date scheduled for New York’s Forest Hills Stadium on September 30th.