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Dead Sons - Gasoline

Dead Sons continue their deserved rise to popularity this week, releasing new single Gasoline. The track comes after touring the release of their debut album Holler and the Hymns, and will most likely be announced as part of their second LP.

Here at Far Out have known about the impending ‘difficult second album’ for some time, we met with Bernie who plays percussion in the band, just before the release of Holler and the Hymns, who alerted us the their meticulous plan:

“We’ve been sat on the debut album, waiting, we’ve had it recorded for about six months and we’ve just been sitting on it and sitting on it just to make      sure everything is spot on. So now we just want to get it out there, get people listening to it, then hit them with the second album”

At the time, Bernie told us the idea was to take a slightly different route musically and hit us with a heavier, dirtier, harder rock and roll noise and in Gasoline they’ve certainly achieved their aim.

Despite the slight change in direction Dead Sons have still managed to keep the formula that makes us love them, recognisable rifts and a heavy drum beat that made records such as Room 54 and Shotgun Woman a major hit.

Judging by Gasoline I have no doubt the second album will surpass the popularity of the first; the change of direction shows the maturity and versatility that the Sheffield music scene has become renowned for.

Lee Thomas-Mason