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Dead Sea crash to our shores with ‘8.50’

‘Parisian shoegazers’ is a given-title painfully cool enough to make you wince with jealousy at the sheer thought of it. Unfortunately that’s exactly what Dead Sea are, and to make it even worse, they are bloody good at it too. ‘8.50’ the first release from the band shows something really special has arrived from France.

The band Dead Sea spend their time creating music in their shared flat above a Parisian café. It sounds horrendous doesn’t it? Or exactly what every lad/lass from Grimsby (or otherwise) pretended he/she was doing whilst writing a song about the Young’s fish factory.  This nonchalance and effortless cool exudes from the track ‘8.50’ using a electronic back beat to make this 90’s inspired sound feel relevant and fresh at the same time.

When speaking of the track the band said “It is a bit like what we call « écriture automatique » which consists of writing whatever pops into your head without trying to intellectualize anything. I do change some words from time to time to try to avoid contradictions or overly blurry concepts, but I like to keep things organic and sincere. The lyrics to ‘8.50’ came that way and, despite the relative sadness they convey, their association with this lingering melody makes the song quite healing to me.”

Annoyingly good song below.