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(Credit: Dead Nature / Khalil Musa)


Dead Nature shares new song 'Hurricane'


Liverpool garage rock arbiter Dead Nature has released an off-kilter, on-brand new single, ‘Hurricane’, from their new album Watch Me Break Apart.

Tarek Musa, the mind behind Dead Nature, is self-deprecating about his knowingly-goofy good time rock ‘n’ roll music, but that doesn’t mean he can’t stand on his soapbox and give his two cents about nuclear war either.

“I’ve never been good at being overtly political, I don’t feel smart enough with words to express myself to the level some do, but the song for me was a nudge in that direction,” Musa says. “It was a bit of a homage to Whole Wide World by Wreckless Eric, with its very brittle and simple guitar intro. It’s a little naïve in its delivery at times, tongue in cheek like the B52’s and full of energy with the edge of a late ’70s Clash song. Like a train picking up speed, I wanted to keep up the momentum of the message to the song and didn’t want many moments of respite.”

Breathless efficiency is certainly what Musa delivers here. Everything is made to sound explosive, from the drums to the chorus melodies to the lyrics about dancing all night while the storm rages around you. Also pushing the song to catchy new heights are the backing vocals by a few of Musa’s musical peers.

“I had only recently moved into my studio and had just finished working with Calva Louise on their EP. It was one evening when I text Jess (lead singer and guitarist) asking if she’d get the train to Liverpool to do some Backing Vocals,” Musa explained. “She has such a raw energy that matched the track so well and we put down her vocals in about 25 mins. You can also hear the scuzzy vocals of Joe Wills (producer for Stealing Sheep, Dan Croll and Mikael Paskalev) layered up too.”

I miss catchy, happy sounding rock music. I’m glad to have something like ‘Hurricane’ exist right now.

Check out the video for ‘Hurricane’ down below. Watch Me Break Apart is set for a June 25th release.