Dead Confederate - Bleed Through


Immerging from a heavy quagmire of post grunge comes our Southern Rock influenced Track of the Day by Augusta USA’s Dead Confederate.

Flourishing from a musical seed planted back in the 90’s, when future band mates bonded over a love of Pink Floyd and Black Sabbath, Dead Confederate have grown to release reels of records over the past decade. Previously the track ‘Rat’ produced in the preliminary stages of the band’s sonic adventure has achieved the most critical acclaim, and rightly so, with its seemingly self scathing lyrical style and mood heavy guitar to accompany, it’s a trademark DC  and makes  great listening for minds that may too turn the mirror inwards from time to time.

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Emanating the same sort of emotion ‘Bleed Through’ has the potential to eclipse past efforts and take the accolade of the group’s most revered tune to date.  I know what you’re thinking, the grunge, Southern Rock, inward lyrics … It’s not for me, but writing Dead Confederate off early doors would be a mistake.

Instantly ‘Bleed Through’ grabs your attention with a high pitched, barbed wire riff and an abrasive beat of the drum before you even realise “I cut the cord from the common plan” could well be one of the best lines to open a song with. Throughout, Hardy Morris’ vocal delivery flirts with that American whine associated with such genres, thankfully going home with the Cobain rather than the Travis Parker style, though. As the track progresses we’re hit with some sensational lead guitar riffs that duly emphasise the sentiment behind the music, listen closely and you’ll feel it too.

“I know you can feel my real thoughts they haunt you too, I know you can feel my real heart, bleeding through”.

‘Bleed Through’ is a great track taken from the new Dead Confederate album In The Marrow that’s more than worth a listen.

Joshua Hevicon