Day Wave covers New Order’s ‘Ceremony’


Day Wave has been an artist we have been batting our eyelashes at for a while now, he’s EP ‘Headcase was our Album of the Week and his hazy day-tripping tracks are a must have for sunnier days, but now the lo-fi American has gone all Manc with his cover of New Order’s incredible track ‘Ceremony’

There’s no huge overhaul of style from Jackson Phillips (AKA Day Wave), it’s more about stripping back the song to its bones and it’s rendered more of an appreciation of what is an already heartening, and might we say, dearly loved track.

‘Ceremony’ is a song Phillips has long played in his live sets and the New Order 1981 debut fits with his touchingly melancholy yet comforting sound. Day Wave’s rendition is a celebration not a augmentation. It’s charmingly beautiful.