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David Lynch would be working on a new film if not for lockdown


The acclaimed director David Lynch has confirmed that he would have been working on projects and making new films if COVID-19 hadn’t sent the entire world into lockdown.

Fans of Lynch’s have been waiting for a new feature film project since 2006’s Inland Empire, despite the director keeping himself busy with other projects including the 2017 reboot of Twin Peaks and releasing his short film What Did Jack Do? last year.

Now, as part of a new interview with PCS Literary Magazine, Lynch has opened up about what he would be doing if the lockdown hadn’t come into effect. He suggests that it would have been a new film project.

“I am in isolation,” he explained. “I love isolation. I’m not able to make films, but I’m able to paint and work on sculpture and work on my YouTube channel. It’s pretty great. I really kind of like isolation.”

“I don’t know for sure,” recalled the ever-mysterious director, “but I’d probably be making a film or continuing story.”

Though it is in no way near the kind of tragedy that has surrounded this treacherous pandemic, it is another reminder that, in one way or another, the lockdown has affected us all, even David Lynch. Watch the conversation below, as Lynch opens up about the current situation.