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(Credit: Manchester International Festival)

David Lynch explains how transcendental meditation can help us be creative


David Lynch is one of the most creative and artistic directors of our time. His work through Twin Peaks, Eraserhead, Mullholland Drive and so much more has cemented his place in the pantheon of filmmakers. In this clip, he reveals how transcendental meditation can help us all be more creative.

The director took up meditation after it solved a creative block for him in 1977 while filming his seminal work Eraserhead. Since then, the director has been a devout advocate of the practice and has even set up the David Lynch Foundation for Consciousness-Based Education and Peace, which later became the David Lynch Foundation. He’s also published a meditation endorsing book called Catching the Big Fish.

The nine-minute speech, which also includes some questions from the crowd, at the Majestic Theatre in Boston came as part of a conference on ‘Consciousness, Creativity and the Brain’. It sees Lynch in his typical cadence as he opens up about a practice that has massively influenced his life: meditation.

He starts perfectly with, “If you have a golf ball sized consciousness, when you read a book you will have a golf ball sized understanding, when you look out – a golf ball sized awareness, when you wake up a golf ball sized wakefulness.” He goes on to say how opening that consciousness will open up the rest of your life and all its paths.

Lynch then moves on to talk about the opportunity that transcendental meditation can offer somebody. The growth of consciousness to Lynch is the full potential of human beings’ thoughts and creativity, and because of this “negativity begins to recede.” Lynch then tells a quite amusing story about his first wife’s consternation at the director’s lack of anger following taking up the practice – a note the crowd gleefully laps up.

To close out proceedings, Lynch tells the crowd that transcendental meditation, above all else, allows him to dive into the deep seas of his consciousness and find that creative “big fish”. It’s fair to say he’s caught a few whoppers in his time.

Listen below to David Lynch’s nine-minute speech on transcendental meditation and below find a longer two-hour workshop of which Lynch is the star.

So, are we all planning to “ohm” this weekend? We certainly are.

Source: Open Culture