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(Credit: Bertrand)


David Lynch pays respects to the "great human being" Julee Cruise


The director of Twin Peaks and Blue Velvet, David Lynch, has paid his respects to the late Julee Cruise, the singer and musician he collaborated with on several occasions.

“I just found out that the great Julee Cruise passed away,” the filmmaker stated as part of a video released alongside his daily ‘Weather Reports’. Giving his thoughts in staggered breath, he added, “Very sad news. So it might be a good time to appreciate all the good music she made and remember her as being a great musician, great singer and a great human being. Julee Cruise”.

Cruise released four albums throughout her career, starting with her debut Floating into the Night in 1989 and My Secret Life in 2011, with her first album remaining her most iconic. 

Used throughout Lynch’s influential TV series Twin Peaks, the second song on the album named ‘Falling’ was used as the soundtrack for the programme’s introduction, with the filmmaker writing the lyrics. 

Born in Iowa in 1956, Cruise studied French horn at Drake University and performed as a singer and actress in Minneapolis with the Children’s Theater Company, only finding success in the movie industry come 1985. It was in the mid-’80s when Cruise would collaborate with David Lynch for Blue Velvet, working with composer Angelo Badalamenti to create the ethereal pop music that she would later become known for.

Julee Cruise appeared as an actor in Lynch’s revival of Twin Peaks in 2017, whilst also lending her music to the celebrated series. The filmmaker is currently working on a new TV series named Unrecorded Night that is shrouded in secrecy, despite rumours he might show his work at Cannes Film Festival 2022.