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(Credit: Manchester International Festival)


David Lynch releases new video for 'I Have a Radio'


Continuing his running lockdown nostalgia series, David Lynch has taken a trip back to 2011 by revisiting his song ‘I Have a Radio’.

Lynch, who recently brought back his popular weather report series, has been working through his YouTube channel to provide some light entertainment at a time when the global health crisis has forced millions to remain home amid a lockdown.

Now, however, the director, musician and artist has offered a somewhat darker sample of entertainment with a new music video for his track ‘I Have a Radio’.

The material, which first appeared as part of Lynch’s second studio album Crazy Clown Time, is a deranged and terrifying glimpse into the creative mind of the surrealist icon with the sound of squealing pigs matched with the new flickering visuals.

‘I Have a Radio’ has built up a reputation of being a David Lynch rarity in the years that followed the release of Crazy Clown Time, the song having only been released as a bonus track on the Japanese CD release—a location in which Lynch has a cult-like reputation after sharing a number of Japan-only projects and commercials.

For now though, see the latest Lynchian creation.