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David Lynch joins the cast of Steven Spielberg film ‘The Fabelmans’


Legendary director David Lynch doesn’t really do a lot of acting. He’s had cameos in a few of his films, including The Elephant Man and Dune, plus the odd role in Twin Peaks or in the 2017 film Lucky. But apart from those – and a delightfully bizarre short film a few years ago where he co-starred next to a monkey – Lynch is almost exclusively behind the camera.

But when you’re asked by Steven Spielberg to act in one of his films, how are you going to say no? That’s exactly what Lynch is going to as, as Variety has reported that Lynch will play an acting part in Spielberg’s upcoming project The Fabelmens.

Variety describes Lynch’s role as “a closely guarded secret”, and the plot for The Fabelmens remains equally ensconced in mystery. All that we know is that the film will be a semi-autobiographical film from Spielberg, which isn’t saying much since everything from E.T. to The Post have some element of Spielberg’s real life in them. For now, our minds will simply have to wonder what Lynch and Spielberg could possibly be cooking up.

This will be the first time that Lynch and Spielberg have collaborated. Spielberg is currently doing the promotional rounds for West Side Story and doesn’t yet have a specific timetable to start production on The Fabelmens. Lynch himself hasn’t directed a feature film since 2006’s Inland Empire.

Lynch is due to join a cast that includes Michelle Williams, Seth Rogen, Paul Dano, and Julia Butters, along with Gabriel LaBelle as a sort of young Spielberg-like figure. Williams and Dano are rumoured to be playing characters that are analogues to Spielberg’s real-life parents, while Rogen is allegedly playing Spielberg’s uncle. Since the plot details are currently being guarded by top men, there’s no saying for sure what the actual roles will end up being.

Tony Kushner will write the film’s script, representing the second pairing in a row for Kushner and Spielberg after West Side Story. Spielberg is also getting script credit, which will be his first since 2001’s A.I.: Artificial Intelligence. The film currently has a release date set for November 23rd of this year.

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