Japanese film posters of 10 iconic David Lynch projects
(Credit: Twin Peaks)

Japanese film posters of 10 iconic David Lynch projects

David Lynch, the filmmaker who is critically acclaimed around the world, has managed to hone a style and method which leaves him revered as one of the most important directors of the modern era.

Often labelled somewhat a Renaissance man of modern American filmmaking, Lynch’s work on films such as Blue Velvet and Mulholland Drive has managed to capture the interest of the world over.

Somewhat unconventionally, Lynch’s popularity began to significantly rise in Japan at a time when his pioneering TV show Twin Peaks became a hit. What ensued was a rather interesting relationship between Lynch’s unconventional work and the fandom of a certain Japanese subculture.

After releasing his psychological horror film Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me, a project that served as a prequel to the TV show, Lynch was reacting to generally negative reviews from the US and the UK. However, the film began to rise in notoriety in Japan and became a moderate success in the country.

What followed was a number of Japanese specific releases from Lynch, starting with a series of Twin Peaks inspired commercials for the coffee company Namoi. The short videos, which became a major hit, featured a local man searching the town of Twin Peaks for his missing wife.

Later, Lynch made his experiments with digital video available in the form of the Japanese-style horror short Darkened Room and, on top of that, a Twin Peaks visual soundtrack was given a Japan-exclusive release. It’s generally considered that if a Japanese cinephile enjoys Western film, David Lynch is a name at the top of their list.

With that in mind, we’ve managed to track down the quite fantastic series of Japanese film posters that were used during promoting of Lynch’s 10 major projects.

Expect to see Twin Peaks, Eraserhead, Blue Velvet, Mulholland Drive and more. Find the work, below.

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