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Credit: Twitter


David Lynch's iconic Twin Peaks scenes recreated in claymation


There aren’t many television shows that garner as much incredible fandom as David Lynch’s Twin Peaks. The show may only consist of 48 episodes but it hasn’t stopped swathes of people flocking to the show’s offbeat creepiness for the last 30 years.

It’s a fandom that means, every so often, we have something truly unique come out of the Twin Peaks camp. Whether it was the promised VR experience, Twin Peaks Day (February 24th, FYI) or indeed this gem—a claymation copy of some of the show’s most iconic scenes.

Brought to us by Welcome to Twin Peaks, the clips below are from the warped mind but talented hands of Joseph Brett. Brett is an award-winning filmmaker and animator who has worked on countless music videos, including one for Far Out Favourite, Ezra Furman.

As well as lending a hand to some top quality rock and roll, Brett also has a penchant for David Lynch’s nightmarish TV show. So, for the aforementioned Twin Peaks Day, 2020, the animator decided to take on five of the show’s most legendary scenes.

So you’ll see the moment Agent Dale Cooper first entered the town of Twin Peaks, Laura Palmer’s head wrapped in plastic, the Red Room, Killer BOB and, last but not least, “Meanwhile”. If none of that sentence makes much sense then you’re best off moving along. This piece of work is for diehard fans only.

Take a look below at the brilliantly animated scenes mentioned above and while we petition for a David Lynch directed Wallace & Gromit film, enjoy Brett’s incredible work below.