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David Lynch discusses how he likes to party

Often referred to as the first popular surrealist in the history of cinema, American filmmaker David Lynch is known for producing seminal masterpieces such as Eraserhead and Blue Velvet, among many others. Over the course of his illustrious career, Lynch continued to reach new artistic heights, which convinced fans of the possibility that he still has more to offer to the world of cinema.

Apart from his directorial achievements, Lynch has experimented with other art forms ranging from paintings to music. He has made not only avant-garde musical plays like Industrial Symphony No. 1 but also released multiple music albums. His debut solo record is called Crazy Clown Time, an appropriate name for something that originated in Lynch’s mind.

In an interview with the New York Times, Lynch claimed that the project came about when he was jamming with engineer Dean Hurley. “Dean now lately on drums and me on guitar, and out of the jamming comes some kind of form, like, lots and lots of garbage — you can picture a landfill — but some chunks of gold.”

“When you find somebody enthusiastic about your stuff, it really helps, and it inspires you to finish up things and polish things and get them out,” the director added. “It’s like some other character comes in and is singing,” he also commented on his experimental avant-garde approach to the vocals of this bizarre project.

While talking to EW about the inspiration behind the album, Lynch said: “It’s the Chicago electric blues, that’s the main influence. You know, when the guitar got plugged in with electricity, it jumped it to making sounds that sink into the soul. So much power. So much beauty. It’s just the greatest thing. I like to think of my guitar as being powered by a V-8 engine. Lots of smoke and fire. A gasoline powered guitar.”

Crazy Clown Time isn’t just a random experimental art project but is also a commentary on Lynch’s personal philosophy of life. When an interviewer asked him about his thoughts on partying, the revered filmmaker cited the music video for Crazy Clown Time while insisting that parties are the perfect crystallisations of hedonistic acts of fun.

Lynch maintained: “They’re not about relieving stress. Nobody says, let’s have a party so we can relieve some stress. ‘Let’s have a party so we can have some fun,’ right? And fun is like everything, a relative thing. What’s fun for one may not be fun for another, but in Crazy Clown Time, for this bunch, is what they call fun.”