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(Credit: Mayor of London)


How David Hockney is upsetting Londoners


The revered and flamboyantly bespectacled English artist David Hockney is causing somewhat of a stir with his latest work and the internet has reacted in a very divided fashion.

Recently, the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, launched an expansive tourism campaign under the slogan “Let’s Do London” in order to attract visitors to the capital and reboot the beleaguered tourism industry. 

As part of the campaign, David Hockney was enlisted to jazz up the iconic Piccadilly Circus station logo. For the public installation, Hockney produced a colourful yet purposefully slapdash reinterpretation. 

While Sadiq Khan labelled it “brilliant”, others were less than impressed by the highly divisive work with comments ranging from “bollocks” to “awful” in a flurry of internet reaction. The main argument gathering traction, however, was whether or not the commission should have been handed to local up-and-coming artists who have struggled throughout the pandemic. 

So far, over 8000 people have quote tweeted Sadiq Khan’s grand reveal and the feedback has been largely mocking. If anything, the piece confirms that Hockney hasn’t lost any of his divisive edge in maturity, but the greater question is whether ‘divisive’ is the right way to go with publicly funded art of such iconic value. 

Check out the clip below, and see what you think of the playful new design.