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David Crosby admits his actions "pretty much destroyed" CSNY


David Crosby has boldly admitted that his actions were instrumental in the break-up of Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young. 

In a candid interview on Howard Stern’s radio show, Crosby accepted responsibility for his part in the band’s ongoing contentious relationship by stating: “I let all three of those guys down, totally, by becoming a junkie.”

“That’s where I really did hurt them,” he said. “Not dissing their girlfriend or pissing them off. I actually did harm. And for that, I’ve apologised a million times. And the best apology I could make was to beat it and to come up and be useful again.”

In 1982 Crosby’s drug addiction landed him in prison with a five-year sentence for drug and firearms possession. It was this, Crosby claims, that was the most instrumental blow in the history of the always tempestuous band. 

“I did harm to the group,” Crosby said regarding his jail time, “I pretty much destroyed it right then.” While upon his release the band reformed and have played together in various on-off reunions over the years, according to Crosby, things have never quite been the same. 

While Crosby very boldly confessed to his part in the fracas, he also said he wasn’t alone in wrongdoing. “We, all three, hurt each other over and over again,” he said in relation to himself, Stephen Stills and Graham Nash. “All of us did horrible stuff to each other.”

When asked about the current state of his relationship with the rest of the band, he sadly admitted the Stills, who he refers to as “the best guy in the band”, is the only one he remains in touch with. 

He admitted that ties have been severed almost entirely with Graham Nash, jokingly adding, that he “seems to think that I’m responsible for everything wrong since the Korean War.”

Naturally, the situation is far from ideal, but it would seem Crosby has moved on and is able to reflect on his own shortcomings while wishing the best for the rest of the band regardless of whether or not he will see, let alone perform with them, ever again.