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Cannes 2022: New David Cronenberg film 'Crimes of the Future' is met with walkouts

The new film by David Cronenberg – Crimes of the Future – is one of the highlights of this year’s edition of the Cannes film festival. During its premiere, several people walked out of the theatre within the first five minutes of the film which was something that Cronenberg had been expecting all along.

In a previous interview, he said: “I said some people in town will walkout and Twitter went crazy and people said ‘we don’t want to see a movie where the director thinks we’ll walkout.’ And I wasn’t saying that everybody will walkout. The audience in Cannes is a very strange audience. It’s not a normal audience”

Adding, “A lot of people are there just for the prestige or for the red carpet. And they’re not cinephiles. They don’t know my films. So they might be walkouts, whereas a normal audience would have no problem with the movie. So who knows? But certainly a lot of people walked out when we showed Crash.”

However, that wasn’t the general consensus among the people who stayed behind to watch the film and gave it a six-minute standing ovation. It was reported that the scene which sparked the walkouts involved a young boy who was killed by his own mother, among other segments that proved to be too disturbing.

“I’m speechless, really — this is the first time I’ve seen this movie on a screen this big,” Cronenberg gave a speech after the screening. “I’m very touched by your response. I hope you’re not kidding, I hope you mean it. I’ll be talking to all of you and texting all of you. Thank you so much. It’s wonderful for me to share the movie finally with human beings. It really helps.”

Watch the trailer below.