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(Credit: Toronto Film Festival)


David Cronenberg on Cannes: "It's not a normal audience"

David Cronenberg surprised film fans all around the world when he announced that he was returning to Cannes with a brand new film titled Crimes of the Future. A sci-fi body horror work, it is one of the most highly anticipated films of this year because many are dying to find out what the ‘Master of Body Horror’ has been up to.

Recently, Cronenberg made headlines when he claimed that he was expecting people to walkout during the screening of Crimes of the Future. Some people who were going to be attending the Cannes premiere of Cronenberg’s new project responded by saying that they were offended by the filmmaker’s statement.

While talking about the response, the director said: “I said some people in town will walkout and Twitter went crazy and people said ‘we don’t want to see a movie where the director thinks we’ll walkout.’ And I wasn’t saying that everybody will walkout. The audience in Cannes is a very strange audience. It’s not a normal audience”

Clarifying his position, Cronenberg stated that Cannes is not just populated by cinephiles who are in love with films but it also has its fair share of individuals who attend the event in order to attract attention. He cited the example of Crash whose Cannes screening also had a lot of walkouts but it ended up becoming a cult classic.

He added: “A lot of people are there just for the prestige or for the red carpet. And they’re not cinephiles. They don’t know my films. So they might be walkouts, whereas a normal audience would have no problem with the movie. So who knows? But certainly a lot of people walked out when we showed Crash.”

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