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(Credit: David Byrne Facebook)


David Byrne launches new monthly radio show ‘Here Comes Everybody’

Former Talking Heads frontman David Byrne is launching a new monthly radio show called ‘Here Comes Everybody’.

The project has been launched through the Sonos Sound System Station as part of the Sonos App. Furthermore, the shows will be available online through the Mixcloud website.

Moving forward, each of Byrne’s episodes will take place on the first of every month and will see him explore some of his favourite tracks of the moment,

“I make a new playlist every month! I try not to repeat songs, but sometimes one can’t help going back to something one loves,” Byrne said in a statement.

“The playlists for this radio show are very often thematic- movie scores, current releases, South Indian surprises, Turkish pop,” he added. “You may not like them all, but then come back next month and there it will be…the music you have been waiting for your whole life.”

For now, you can stream Byrne’s first effort below.