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(Credit: British Lion Films)


David Bowie's 'The Man Who Fell To Earth' is getting a graphic novel adaptation

While establishing himself as an enigmatic artistic force in the landscape of music, David Bowie also engaged in a very interesting film career full of memorable gems. Throughout his tenure as an actor, he collaborated with pioneers such as Nicolas Roeg and Nagisa Ōshima among others which helped solidify his status as a popular culture icon.

It seems that one of the most iconic David Bowie films is getting a new interpretation as a graphic novel adaptation is currently underway. The film in question is Nicolas Roeg’s sci-fi classic The Man Who Fell to Earth, starring David Bowie as a member of an extraterrestrial species who finds himself on our planet.

In order to save his own dying civilisation, he must pretend to be a human but he later discovers that humanity has its own glaring problems. The Man Who Fell to Earth crystallised Bowie’s image as an otherworldly presence and contributed to his legacy in unimaginable ways. Looking back, it is extremely difficult to imagine anyone else in the same role.

According to latest reports, Dan Watters has written a graphic novel which is based on the film and Walter Tevis’ original book with illustrations by Dev Pramanik. In a statement, Watters said: “The Man Who Fell To Earth is a masterpiece of a film with an awful lot to say; about men, about the Earth, and lots of things in between.”

Adding, “There are ideas in the film, about climate crises and corporate greed, that are more relevant now than they were when Nicolas Roeg set out to make it. And now here we are. I think it’s high time to look at the world through Thomas Newton’s mismatched eyes all over again. Perhaps he’ll see something we’ve been missing.”