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Credit: Jonn Leffman/R. Sullivan


Rare film of Rolling Stones' Ronnie Wood interviewing David Bowie back in 1987


We have been digging in the Far Out Magazine vault and were thrilled to find this hidden gem pop-up on our usual trawl of the annals of music history. It sees The Rolling Stones guitarist Ronnie Wood and bassist Bill Wyman share some amazing stories of rock ‘n’ roll revelry and then interview David Bowie while he was on his Glass Spider tour of 1987. It’s a captivating watch that offers a keen insight into their world.

It was a tough time for Bowie who, although was experiencing one of his largest-scale tours ever, was not enjoying his artistic output outside of the visual performance the tour itself. It means that when he welcomed the two Stones backstage he was likely struggling to find any real semblance of who David Bowie really was anymore.

It was a time when Bowie was struggling to find his next step musically, having enjoyed the pop stardom he had craved. It meant that the majority of his songs were chart-toppers, something which disappointed Bowie and therefore he plugged his heart and soul into the “visuals” of the tour. It’ something which he discusses at length with Ronnie Wood—but we’re getting ahead of ourselves.

The first part of the clip below sees legendary Rolling Stones guitarists, Bill Wyman and Ronnie Wood be casually interviewed by possibly the most eighties rock interviewer you will ever see. The two Stones are clearly very happy to be there and even more happy to share their stories about the “too famous” David Bowie.

Wyman, who was a stalwart of the south London rock and roll scene at the time when Bowie was running around, was a scene which not only produced school friends David Bowie and Peter Frampton but also Kate Bush. Due to that, it meant that both Wyman and Bowie were very close friends, having crossed paths throughout their young lives. The Rolling Stones bassist didn’t hold back with the stories, either.

One story occurred when Bowie and the Stones shared an accountant. “He’d hire all these cars, all these limos, and book them as Mick Jagger,” said Wyman, laughing away. “It wasn’t until the end of the year that we noticed!” It’s just one of many pranks Bowie would play on his friends, adopting the working-class twinkle in the eye which meant you were allowed to upset all of your mates and, in fact, encouraged to do so.

Wyman then went on to share a sweet story about himself and Peter ‘Frampers’ Frampton going “to London” to the rock and roll clubs when Wyman was first in the Stones and, promising his mother that they wouldn’t fraternise with “those naughty girls”, were sure they kept their nose clean.

When Ronnie Wood eventually sits down with David, the most touching of moments happen. Amid all the rock star energy, the artistic prowess, the millions of records sold, two friends catch-up. They catch up about the new tour, Wood’s upcoming art exhibit (a talent and passion they both share), and so much more. It shows off Bowie as what he always was under the artistry and showmanship; a really nice bloke.

Watch below as Ronnie Wood interviews David Bowie on the Glass Spider Tour, 1987, below.

Source: David Bowie News