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(Credit: Screenshot / Martin Richardson)


Watch rare and previously unreleased footage of David Bowie dancing

Previously unseen footage of David Bowie, which has been recovered from the archive of, Leicester’s De Montfort University has been released.

The footage, filmed by the Bowie’s artist friend and collaborator Professor Martin Richardson, was recently given its first public screened an event at Leicester’s National Space Centre last week.

“Bowie said to me, ‘When you’ve done your bloody hologram it will be up and down the width and breadth of the country. I am going to make you famous’,” Richardson told the BBC.

“He got back on the sound stage and said ‘right, what do you want me to do’ and I thought ‘I am going to direct David Bowie, the super rock star I idolised as a boy because of Ziggy Stardust right through to the Thin White Duke!’” he added. “I filmed 30 minutes of David doing various poses and he could not have been nicer.”

He continued: “He picked up on this because he was very sensitive, and immediately jumped back onto the stage and started to do this set of amazing iconic movements that he was famous for and all his fans would recognise.”

The footage is 30 minutes of experimental film used to create a hologram and sections of the finished product was later used as artwork on Bowie’s 1999 studio album Hours.

See a sample of the footage, below