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Credit: BBC


Listen to new Tony Visconti remix of David Bowie's 'The Man Who Sold The World'

A brand new remix for 2020 of David Bowie’s classic ‘The Man Who Sold The World’ comes from his longtime creative partner Tony Visconti, arriving as a taster of the upcoming Metrobolist project to celebrate 50 years of the titular album’s release.

The Man Who Sold The World was released in 1970 and saw Bowie’s creativity hit new heights as he took the success of ‘Space Oddity’ on to new lengths. More widely loved today than it was at its release, if Visconti’s remix of the title track is the sign of things to come, the reissue of the album is going to be a huge success.

To mark the 50th anniversary of David Bowie releasing The Man Who Sold The World the record will be re-released on November 6th using its original title Metrobolist. Mercury Records stopped Bowie from naming the LP after Fritz Lang’s 1927 film of the same name, changing the record’s name without consent from the Starman.

Now, Visconti, his longtime collaborator, has remixed the entire album as part of a new project. ‘The Man Who Sold The World’ has been shared as a taster of what’s to come and it’s a stark reminder of both Bowie and Visconti’s talents.

One of the Starman’s most beloved songs, most famously covered by Nirvana when Kurt Cobain gave the track a new audience during the group’s MTV Unplugged performance. Bowie once said this of Nirvana’s cover: “I was simply blown away when I found that Kurt Cobain liked my work, and have always wanted to talk to him about his reasons for covering ‘The Man Who Sold the World’” and that “it was a good straight forward rendition and sounded somehow very honest. It would have been nice to have worked with him, but just talking with him would have been real cool.”

There’s good reason Cobain picked dup the track, a subverted pop sound is something he resonated with most deeply and it’s something that Visconti has upped in the new mix. There’s a trippy benevolence to the song that is amped up and sits wonderfully on the airwaves.

The new LP arrives via Parlophone Records with brand new artwork on 180-gram black vinyl alongside a limited edition numbered gold and white vinyl. The new reissue is the latest in a big list of reissues for the icon in 2020. It’s a good time to be a Bowie fan.