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Credit: YouTube


Stream David Bowie's rare 'LiveAndWell' album for the first time

@jackwhatley89, David Bowie’s previously unavailable live album, has been made available for the first time on streaming platforms. The record was previously only available through Bowie’s personal website, BowieNet.

As we all know, David Bowie has always been ahead of the curve and he was once more when the gravity of the internet began to dawn on the musician. Quicker than anybody else, the Starman took himself and his fans online.

Nowadays though, the ease with which fans can connect with their favourite pop stars is unbelievable but in 1999, when Bowie launched his own Internet Service Provider BowieNet, the singer was seemingly peering into the future.

One bonus of joining the ISP was that you also received Bowie’s live album as a welcome gift. Now the album has been made available on Apple Music and Spotify and you can listen to it below.

The original album came with 10 tracks but this new addition comes with a pair of bonus songs: ‘Pallas Athena’ and ‘V-2 Schneider’, the song written about the great Kraftwerk pioneer Florian Schneider.

The recordings were captured during David Bowie’s 1997 ‘Earthling Tour’ which saw the singer not only perform songs form the album of the same name but also 1995’s 1. Outside. The album is comprised from recordings of Bowie’s shows at Amsterdam, Rio De Janeiro and at Phoenix Festival in the UK.

You can listen to the previously undistributed album in full below.