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(Credit: David Bowie YouTube)

New version of David Bowie’s ‘Heroes’ video released with unseen footage


The mark the 42nd anniversary of David Bowie’s iconic song ‘Heroes’, a new video has been released with previously unseen footage.

The video, newly edited with footage sampled from a previously unreleased take from the ‘Heroes’ promo video outtakes reel, has been synced to the 2017 remastered version of the song before subsequently edited back into the 1977 7” single format.

The clip has been created by Nacho Videos and approved by David Bowie’s official estate via their Facebook page. “The ‘Heroes’ promo outtakes reel is just under 28 minutes long,” the creator explained in a statement. “It contains one complete take, and eight partial takes of ‘Heroes’. In addition, there are a couple of takes of about 30 seconds of blackout and about three minutes of close-ups of Bowie slowly bringing his hand to his face.”

“In considering the many possible ways of making my own re-cut version of the ‘Heroes’ promo video, I eventually decided on trying to salvage the wonderful Complete Take 1,” he continues.

“Thanks to the vast possibilities of modern digital editing, it was relatively easy to alter some of the cross cuts between the two camera angles, and moreover to correct or somewhat mask Bowie’s lip-sync errors.”

The song, which was co-written by Bowie and Brian Eno and subsequently produced longterm contributor Tony Visconti, was released on 23 September 1977 as the lead single from his 12th studio album of the same name.

See the new clip, below.