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Credit: BBC


David Bowie had planned to relaunch Ziggy Stardust from space

David Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust was the famed alien rock star from outer space when he touched down in 1972. However, it has been revealed that the Starman once planned to relaunch his fabled persona prior to his death.

The news comes from designer Phil Campbell who was speaking to The Mirror about Bowie’s involvement with video game Omikron: The Nomad Soul.

David Bowie was never keen to miss an opportunity to impress with his artistic endeavours and it appears there were no limits to the singer’s vision for Ziggy Stardust. Having debuted the alter-ego in the early seventies, Bowie had planned to relaunch the star via satellite.

Bowie was working with Phil Campbell on the score for Omikron: The Nomad Soul when he revealed his plan. “We talked about buying up a bunch of old satellites that were circling the Earth and he was going to relaunch Ziggy from space,” Campbell told The Mirror.

“The idea was that Ziggy would beam us transmissions – ‘Are you receiving me…?’”

As well as that delicious nugget, Campbell also revealed that Bowie was keen to make an appearance in the game too: “One day David said, could he leave his Bowie persona in Omikron, and come out as David Jones? It was a delicious thought – did he crave the anonymity of that?

“And it fitted the spirit of the game: Omikron was a giant trap, you could lose your soul in there forever.”

Having killed off Ziggy back in 1973, it would have certainly fitted Bowie’s elaborate thinking for such a performance and while SpaceX did provide a small taste of what Bowie in space is truly like, we will have to think on what could’ve been in regards to this idea.