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David Bowie documentary ‘Moonage Daydream’ given release date and artwork

Moonage Daydream, a forthcoming David Bowie documentary, has been given a release date, and its artwork has been revealed.

Directed by Brett Morgan, Moonage Daydream, will air on September 16th worldwide with IMAX screenings in specific locations. It will be a “feature length experiential cinematic odyssey [exploring] Bowie’s creative, musical and spiritual journey.”

The film (the first to be given the go-ahead by the Bowie estate) will be narrated by Bowie himself, and features hitherto unseen footage, performances and music.

In a statement on the film, we discover that “Moonage Daydream [will] illuminate the life and genius of David Bowie, one of the most prolific and influential artists of our time. The motion picture reveals the celebrated icon through his own voice and features 48 musical tracks, mixed from their original stems.”

Brett Morgan also directed Montage of Heck, the documentary about the life of Kurt Cobain. He has spent four years on this Bowie project, compiling thousands of hours’ worth of archived footage, most of which has never been seen before.

The film’s press release states that Moonage Daydream is “a project that shows how Bowie worked across several disciplines, not just music and film but also dance, painting, sculpture, video and audio collage, screenwriting, acting and live theatre”.

It will provide “unfiltered access to Bowie’s personal archives, including all master recordings, to create an artful and life-affirming film that takes the audience on a journey through Bowie’s creative life. Morgen has constructed a sublime cinematic experience that will provide audiences with unrestricted access to Bowie’s personal archives.”

Tony Visconti, Bowie’s lifelong collaborator, has worked on music for the film. The Bowie biopic Stardust did not gain access to Bowie’s music as it did not get approval from Bowie’s estate, with Bowie’s son Duncan Jones claiming he was not consulted on the project.