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(Credit: Far Out / Alamy)


Enjoy David Bowie's Christmas impression of Elvis Presley


Nothing says Christmas quite like a bit of Elvis Presley. Taking things a step further, Christmas really is complete if it is the great David Bowie shaking his hips and donning some bushy sideburns.

A few years back, 2013 to be exact, Mick Jones, Paul Simonon and Topper Headon of The Clash hosted a special festive show on BBC 6 Music entitled ‘This Is Radio Clash’ in a fun reference to the band’s now-iconic 1981 single.

In what was a glorious two-hour session with the trio playing tunes from their personal record collections, The Clash called in a few favours for their first-ever radio show and landed a Christmas message from Elvis himself… sort of.

Bowie, who was never shy to discuss his admiration for Elvis, also remarkably shares the same January 8th birthday as if the superstars of contemporary culture had aligned almost perfectly. “[Elvis] was a major hero of mine,” Bowie once commented. “And I was probably stupid enough to believe that having the same birthday as him actually meant something.”

Later discussing how he once met Elvis, Bowie added: “I came over for a long weekend. I remember coming straight from the airport and walking into Madison Square Garden very late. I was wearing all my clobber from the Ziggy period and had great seats near the front. The whole place just turned to look at me and I felt like a right idiot. I had brilliant red hair, some huge padded space suit and those red boots with big black soles. I wished I’d gone for something quiet, because I must have registered with him. He was well into his set.”

So when the time came for Bowie to put on his best Elvis voice in order to get into the festive spirit, the Starman was more than ready. “Hello everybody, this is David Bowie making a telephone call from the US of A,” he begins in his message.

“At this time of the year I can’t help but remember my British-ness and all the jolly British folk, so here’s to you and have yourselves a Merry Little Christmas and a Happy New Year.”

He does, of course, sign off with the classic: “Thank you very much.”

Enjoy, below.