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David Bowie’s estate to release six previously unheard live albums

At a time when live music remains somewhat of a distant memory amid the current health crisis, the estate of David Bowie is plotting a major release with six live albums all on the way.

Due to be rolled out from the end of 2020 and into next year, the Brilliant Live Adventures series will see Bowie’s estate share six previously unreleased live recordings which were taken from 1995-1999. The albums will be released on rare, limited edition vinyl as well as CD.

While those in charge of Bowie’s material have remained tight-lipped on the specific details of the releases, it has been confirmed that the first of the six albums will be Ouvrez Le Chien, a live recording taken from Dallas’ Starplex Amphitheater on October 13th, 1995. The recording remembers Bowie amid a tour of his 1995 album Outside. 

The estate has also confirmed that the other five live albums will be announced in the coming weeks. Two more will be shared this year, the remaining three due out in early 2021.

See the first tracklisting, below.

David Bowie’s Ourez Le Chien tracklisting:


  • ‘Look Back In Anger’
  • ‘The Hearts Filthy Lesson’
  • ‘The Voyeur Of Utter Destruction (As Beauty)’
  • ‘I Have Not Been To Oxford Town’
  • ‘Outside’
  • ‘Andy Warhol’
  • ‘Breaking Glass’
  • ‘The Man Who Sold The World’
  • ‘We Prick You’
  • ‘I’m Deranged’
  • ‘Joe The Lion’
  • ‘Nite Flights’
  • ‘Under Pressure’
  • ‘Teenage Wildlife’

Side One

  • ‘Look Back In Anger’ (David Bowie/Brian Eno)
  • ‘The Hearts Filthy Lesson’ (David Bowie/Brian Eno/Michael Garson/Sterling Campbell/Erdal “Kizilcay/Reeves Gabrels)
  • ‘The Voyeur Of Utter Destruction (As Beauty)’ (David Bowie/Brian Eno/Reeves Gabrels)

Side Two

  • ‘I Have Not Been To Oxford Town’ (David Bowie/Brian Eno)
  • ‘Outside’ (David Bowie/Kevin Armstrong)
  • ‘Andy Warhol’ (David Bowie)
  • ‘Breaking Glass’ (David Bowie/George Murray/Dennis Davis)

Side Three

  • ‘The Man Who Sold The World’ (David Bowie)
  • ‘We Prick You’ (David Bowie/Brian Eno)
  • ‘I’m Deranged’ (David Bowie/Brian Eno)
  • ‘Joe The Lion’ (David Bowie)

Side Four

  • ‘Nite Flights’ (Scott Engel)
  • ‘Under Pressure’ (David Bowie/Freddie Mercury/Roger Taylor/John Deacon/Brian May)
  • Teenage Wildlife’ (David Bowie)