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(Credit: Dave/Twitter)


Dave returns with two new songs 'Titanium' and 'Mercury'


It takes a lot of balls to go under a mononymous moniker. It takes significantly bigger balls to use a name as generic as Dave. But you know who has big enough balls to pull it off? Dave.

One of the most acclaimed artists of the past few years, Dave’s Mercury Prize-winning debut LP, Psychodrama, firmly established him as the critical darling of London’s overground rap scene. Now, the artist is back with two new songs, ‘Titanium’ and ‘Mercury’.

In ‘Titanium’, Dave references his ‘long hiatus’ that hasn’t really existed. Last year might not have seen any solo releases, but the rapper was still featured on Fredo’s ‘Money Talks’ and Ghett’s ‘Little Bo Peep’, so it’s not like he disappeared or anything. The track, a breathless two minutes of braggadocio, gives a shout out to his ‘Funky Friday’ pal Fredo as Dave announces his return from his ‘long vacation’. In the spirit of great comeback tunes that are specifically about making a comeback (see ‘Return of the Mack’ for an awesome example, ‘Bitch I’m Madonna’ for a wack example), ‘Titanium’ doesn’t serve much of a purpose beyond priming you for Dave’s return to utter dominance.

Seeing as Dave had plenty to celebrate, I’m sure no one is holding his ‘long vacation’ against him, but it’s still cool to hear him dedicate an entire song to his reclaiming of the rap throne. ‘Mercury’, on the other hand, has a little more meat on its bones.

Starting out as a delicate piano ballad featuring fellow Londoner Kamal, the second track discusses why Dave has been mostly absent for the past year: “I’ve been going through a phase/I ain’t been feeling myself”. Considering how the last year has gone for just about everyone, don’t be so hard on yourself Dave. Then again, if that’s what it takes to get more great tracks out of him, maybe Dave should go on vacation more often.

Check out ‘Titanium’ and ‘Mercury’ down, below.