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(Credit: Ryanw2313)


Dave Grohl shares X cover with daughter Violet


The family that covers classic punk rock together stays together.

Documentary filmmaker, the literal embodiment of Satan, and occasional musician, Dave Grohl, has paired up with his daughter Violet for a cover of X’s ‘Nausea’ to promote his latest directorial outing, What Drives Us.

‘Nausea’ is the fourth track off of X’s seminal debut Los Angeles, which is essential listening if you happen to enjoy punk rock, grunge, or good music. Violet’s ability to channel the legendary Exene Cervenka is downright uncanny, almost as if her father is a punk rock devotee who’s probably played his fair share of X around the house. Grohl has a total dad streak of letting his daughters play music with him, which completely breaks my hardened, cynical exterior and makes me think “aw, that’s pretty cute”.

What Drives Us, Grohl’s second documentary feature after 2013’s Sound City, plays perfectly into the Foo Fighters frontman’s true believer rock and roll reputation. Featuring pretty much every famous musician who had at one point or another became associated with some form of rock music, including Steven Tyler, Flea, Lars Ulrich, St. Vincent, Slash, Mike Watt, The Edge, Ringo Starr, and Cervenka herself, the film focuses on being a young musician and slumming from town to town in a beat up form of transportation chasing the rock star dream.

Part wistful nostalgia-fest, part Top Gear car show, it’s shaping up to be another easily digestible piece of entertainment from Grohl. He’s the kind of guy who’s done pretty much everything, so at this point, he’s just looking for new mediums to conquer. His memory sharing Instagram account Dave’s True Stories and its literary extension The Storyteller are the clearest examples of this.

Check out the audio for ‘Nausea’ down below. What Drives Us will be released on April 30th.