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Dave Grohl pens special tribute to Led Zeppelin drummer John Bonham


Being Dave Grohl and, therefore, the landmark drummer for Nirvana and the current frontman of Foo Fighters, one might think that there isn’t much room for hero worship. But, you’d be dead wrong. Grohl has often shared his love of artists like Ringo Starr or David Bowie and has now paid special tribute to perhaps his ultimate icon — John Bonham.

Having recently announced his own book of rock ‘n’ roll adventures, Grohl has penned the foreword to the very first John Bonham biography from journalist C.M. Kushin. Arriving on September 7th and titled Beast: John Bonham and the Rise of Led Zeppelin, the book will dissect his legacy.

As of yet, there has been no further information released about the book. While we await an excerpt to confirm what we already know, Dave Grohl owes much of what he’s achieved in his life to the Led Zeppelin drummer.

Speaking with Rolling Stone Grohl once revealed: “John Bonham played the drums like someone who didn’t know what was going to happen next – like he was teetering on the edge of a cliff. No one has come close to that since, and I don’t think anybody ever will. I think he will forever be the greatest drummer of all time.

“You have no idea how much he influenced me. I spent years in my bedroom – literally fucking years – listening to Bonham’s drums and trying to emulate his swing or his behind-the-beat swagger or his speed or power. Not just memorising what he did on those albums but getting myself into a place where I would have the same instinctual direction as he had.”

It has also seen the Foo Fighters man once pick out his ten favourite Bonham beats, which makes for a serious list of credentials for the Zeppelin drummer.

Beast: John Bonham And The Rise Of Led Zeppelin arrives on September 7th and will tell the story of a self-taught drummer rising to the top of the rock pile.