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Dave Grohl releases new heavy metal album as Dream Widow

Foo Fighters vocalist Dave Grohl has released a heavy metal album, one that was recorded under the fictional guise of Dream Widow, a fictional band who were seen in Grohl’s horror pastiche Studio 666. The film depicts Dream Widow as a group plagued by terrors, leading their lead singer to murder the other members of the band. Grohl’s character is similarly haunted by spirits of times past, and he attempts to attack the other Foo Fighters.

The album, once thought “lost”, has been released as a special feature, and issued as an eight-track album. It was previewed as part of the collection that makes up March of The Insane, complete with a collection of frantic, frenzied rockers. This isn’t the first time Grohl has created an offshoot, as he founded Them Crooked Vultures in 2009 with guitarists Josh Homme and John Paul Jones. Grohl briefly played the drums with Queens of The Stone Age, and can be seen in the video for ‘No One Knows’.

Grohl worked with Sir Paul McCartney on ‘Cut Me Some Slack’, which saw the drummer reuniting with Nirvana bassist Krist Novoselic, while the Beatle played lead guitar. Grohl is a multi-instrumentalist, although he started off as a drummer, playing the percussion in Nirvana.

Grohl, Novoselic and singer Kurt Cobain were thrust headfirst into the arms of fame, following the release of their sophomore album, Nevermind. “The sudden rise to fame in that band was traumatic,” Grohl explained. “I can’t speak for Kurt, and I don’t usually because he’s not around to speak for himself. Each of us dealt with it in different ways, but ultimately that’s a hard thing to navigate.”

Cobain died in 1994, thereby closing the book on the band. Novoselic was asked if he would like to join Foo Fighters, but he declined, feeling that the comparisons to Nirvana would be too strong. Nate Mendel took over as bassist, and Grohl found a more permanent drummer in Taylor Hawkins, leaving him the chance to play rhythm guitar as he sang. The band have released ten studio albums to date.

Stream Dream Widow on Spotify below.