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(Credit: Wikimedia Commons)


Watch Dave Grohl perform an acoustic version of 'My Hero' back in 1999


‘My Hero’ by Foo Fighters is a song that hits hard, maybe even more so now than it did at its time of release. Of course, there’s always been the Kurt Cobain comparison (we’ll get to that in just a moment) but with Taylor Hawkins gone now too, the song seems more bittersweet, if only just for hearing his music.

Regardless, this acoustic version of ‘My Hero’ is unique and worth the listen for a number of reasons. Firstly, Dave Grohl‘s voice sounds crisp and gritty live, a combination you can usually find in the Foo Fighters’ recordings, but the stripped-down quality of his acoustic performance makes it even clearer.

As for the emotional quality and the meaning of the song, the first thing to bring up in terms of this performance is that it took place on the Howard Stern show. Although one might expect the host of a show to be cordial and respectful to the musical guests they brought on, Foo Fighters would have no such luck, as everyone in the room leading up to the musical performance deemed it their place to discuss the song’s meaning.

When the possibility of the song being related to Kurt Cobain was brought up, both Dave Grohl and Taylor Hawkins shut it down pretty quickly, insisting that the track was instead written about everyday heroes and looking up to regular individuals more than celebrities. However, the hosts somewhat bizarrely didn’t want to take no for an answer. Howard Stern and Robin Quivers instead jump in to say that they disagree with Grohl and Hawkins and that the song probably is about Cobain—even though Grohl would know best, considering that he actually wrote the song.

It’s clear that these two had a lot of patience when it came to dealing with annoyances, even in the early days of the band. They handled the situation with more grace than other artists might have chosen to do.

As for the actual song itself, it’s clear, stripped-down, and well-performed, as anyone might expect from the Grohl. Taylor Hawkins is present for the song, obviously, but as there isn’t any percussion involved, he simply watches and enjoys his friend’s skills. It’s sweet to see, as he has a big smile on his face throughout the entire performance.

If you want to catch Dave Grohl’s acoustic version of the Foo Fighters’ song, ‘My Hero’ from 1999, you can find the full video down below.