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Dave Grohl shares hilarious Pantera strip club anecdote


Dave Grohl has taken to Instagram to share another one of his ‘Dave’s True Stories’ which are keeping fan’s entertained during this period of self-isolation.

Grohl titles the anecdote ‘Wanna Play Ozzfest’ and tells the story of how, in 1998, Foo Fighters were called in at the last minute to replace Korn’s slot on a bill consisting of primarily heavy metal acts with the Foos also having to follow Pantera’s spine-tingling show to tens of thousands of metalheads.

Grohl was nervous to take to the stage and labelled Pantera’s set a “force of fucking nature” and the Foos frontman goes on to add: “Unfortunately, that euphoric feeling immediately disappeared the second they finished and the crowd roared like a bloodthirsty Roman coliseum. We were dead meat. Dead. Fucking. Meat.”

However, despite the absolute disaster which was Foo Fighters’ set, it wasn’t all bad as following the show Grohl hung out backstage with Pantera. He remembers clearly: “Anyone who ever had the honour to hang out with Pantera knows that it was not for the faint of heart. First of all, there was never a band more welcoming, more hospitable, more down to earth than Pantera.

“It didn’t matter who you are, what you did, where you were from, they would welcome you in, stuff a beer in your hand, a shot in your mouth, and make you laugh harder than you’ve ever laughed before (until you wound up barfing it all back up and having the most soul-crushing hangover of your life the next morning).”

Before the two bands went separate ways, Pantera’s Vinnie Paul handed Grohl a business card inviting him to Pantera’s strip club The Clubhouse, the former Nirvana drummer vividly recalls: “‘Dude, next time you’re in Dallas, you gotta come by the Clubhouse.’ I looked at the card, and to my amazement (but not surprise) they had THEIR OWN STRIP CLUB. Now, some rock stars have expensive cars. Some have castles. … But, a fucking strip club? That takes the cake. That’s like me owning a Starbucks coffee shop. Danger.”

This was an offer that Grohl and Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins couldn’t pass up on and, while on a cross-country road trip, the duo made a stop off at Dallas to catch up with Pantera at The Clubhouse. Things didn’t go as planned, however as Grohl lost his wallet along the way and things didn’t go as planned when he and Hawkins got to the strip club.

That wasn’t the end of the story though as Grohl would be re-united with that wallet ten years later while buying a pair of sunglasses at a surf shop in Oxnard, California. When the cashier asked him if he was Dave Grohl, the Foos frontman probably assumed she was after his autograph but her follow up was “Did you lose your wallet in Barstow in 1998?”. Grohl was taken aback when she then revealed it was lost at her parents’ gas station and they still have it today and Dave collected it to find a host of memories that he thought he had lost forever.

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