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(Credit: Wikimedia Commons)


Dave Grohl shares a beer with Santa while performing with Foo Fighters


Dave Grohl continues to be on perpetual Nice List as he shares a beer with a fan dressed as Santa Claus on stage while performing with his band Foo Fighters.

The ginormous act, Foo Fighters, were performing at the Intersect Las Vegas festival on Saturday night when the always charming Grohl began an exchange with the crowd.

As he strummed the intro to ‘Big Me’ Grohl reminisced about the inception of the band and their self-titled debut record, which next year will celebrate it’s 25th anniversary. The singer then noticed a man dressed as Santa Claus in the crowd.

Santa dutifully flashed Grohl to show the former Nirvana drummer a message that read “Will you shotgun a beer with me, Dave?” Grohl read the message aloud and sealed his fate.

After a bit of internal logistical planning from Grohl he relents, “Are we doing it right now, are we gonna shotgun a beer right here?” the crowd cheers, “Get your ass on up here, Santa Claus.”

The fan footage below shows Grohl sharing the beer with jolly old St Nick before playing the iconic ‘Big Me’, which Grohl dedicates to the fan. Watch below.