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Dave Grohl reveals his favourite song by The Beatles

There are many reasons to love Dave Grohl. A perennial voice for good in the music industry, even though he has achieved things that seem nigh on impossible to many budding musicians, he’s always espoused a good-hearted everyman nature and, for the most part, led by example. This has shown to the next generation of rockers that you do not have to be an excessive narcissist to rise to the heights that he has and that you can always retain some form of normalcy if you so will it.

He’s the former drummer of grunge icons Nirvana, the frontman of stadium heavyweights Foo Fighters, and without a doubt one of the best songwriters of his generation, no matter what snarling hipsters might tell you. 

His defiant segue from what seemed like existential destruction after the death of Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain in 1994 to writing what became the first Foo Fighters record is nothing short of remarkable and a feat that tells us a lot about Grohl. 

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He has an inner fire that is everlasting. It burns bright even on the darkest of days when the winds are threatening to extinguish it, and it is this, in tandem with his musical skill that has carried him throughout his career. This passion is evident for all of us, and throughout Grohl’s career, with Scream, Nirvana, Foo Fighters and all the other outfits he has elevated, it has marked him out as an inspiration for many.

A self-professed student of popular music, Grohl loves everything about the discipline, and as his musical credits suggest, he is a fan of all different kinds of music, ranging from hardcore to disco. However, for him, one band he covets above all else: The Beatles. They showed him the way when he was just a boy, bringing him into the light, and setting the scene for the astounding successes he would enjoy as an adult.

Talking to Radio 2 Beatles in 2019Grohl explained his love for the Liverpool heroes and then revealed what his favourite song by the band is, and unsurprisingly for a diehard fan, it is a lesser-known cut from 1969’s Abbey Road

“Since it’s the 50th anniversary of Abbey Road,” he said. “The one that stands out to me the most, and has always been my favourite from that record, is called ‘I Want You (She’s So Heavy)’. I love heavy music, I love Black Sabbath, I love Motorhead, but I think that nothing is heavier, melodically darker and deeper than the riff in this song.”

“It’s one of my favourite riffs and rhythms of all Beatles songs,” he then said of one of his other favourites, ‘Taxman’. “I love the chords, I love the melody, I love the snare sound… I mean, you have to imagine that in 1966 they were inventing a lot of rock ‘n’ roll recording by figuring out new ways to engineer these sessions.”

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