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The Foo Fighters song Dave Grohl wrote in tribute to his favourite Beatle

Dave Grohl isn’t just the nicest man in rock, he’s also an avid Beatles fan. For the 50th anniversary of The Beatles Abbey Road, the Foo Fighters and Nirvana member was asked about some of his favourite songs from the Fab Four as well as being asked that classic question; who is your favourite Beatle?

His answer to the aged old question also helps to reveal his favourite song from the Fab Four. His pick is not John Lennon or Paul McCartney but the Quiet Beatle, the subtly enigmatic, George Harrison—and for good reason too.

Unlike most of The Beatles fans who were first met with the decision of which member of the band was their favourite, Grohl hasn’t been swayed by the TV appearances or the films they starred in, Grohl picks his favoured member using just the music.

Speaking on BBC Radio 2, Grohl said: “I think that of all The Beatles, of course, each of them is so entirely different. This is in terms of melodically, their songwriting, lyrically but George Harrison, there was almost something about him that I preferred the most. I loved every single one of them but I connected to George’s sense of melody more than anyone.”

The connection must have really stuck out as Grohl would even go on to write a song for his favourite Beatle for his new band’s first album. Having come out of the Nirvana car crash relatively unscathed, Grohl began finishing up the music for the Foo Fighters first record we he once again remembered the connection that Harrison ad given him to melodic rock.

“So much that on the first Foo Fighters record there is a song entitled: ‘Oh, George’,” remembers the musician during the tribute to Abbey Road, “Because I basically wanted the guitar solo to sound like something he would do. However, the guitar solo in the song ‘Something’ is the first guitar solo that I ever learned. It’s such a beautiful solo.

“Melodically, it’s safe to say that it’s one of the most classic guitar solos of all time. Such a beautiful song.”

Lyrically the song’s structure may pose little resemblance to Harrison’s life or career but after naming the song in his honour and trying to emulate his guitar solo on ‘Oh George’, Grohl has made it abundantly clear who his preferred Beatle was and how he inspired him.

After all, we all have one, even if we won’t admit it.