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(Credit: Daughters of Reykjavik)


Daughters of Reykjavik share new video for 'LÓFATAK'

Daughters of Reykjavik - 'LÓFATAK'

Icelandic girl-exclusive hip-hop collective, Daughters of Reykjavik, a phrase I never imagined I would be typing until now but find so much joy in typing, have released a new video for their song ‘LÓFATAK’, a track from their third LP Soft Spot released last year.

Unsurprising spoiler: I can’t understand a single goddamn word that’s being sung or rapped here, and if you are not fluent in the sweet dulcet tones of the Icelandic language, neither will you. In unsurprising fashion, the song is 90 per cent in Icelandic, and since I can barely speak English in a coherent fashion, I was doomed from the start. I think there’s a section in English, but even that was hard to suss out.

LÓFATAK, as it turns out, translates to happiness (four years of a journalism degree=using Google Translate for 30 seconds), and ultimately that’s what I felt listening to both ‘LÓFATAK’ and the collection of songs from Daughters of Reykjavik that I previewed. It doesn’t take an Icelandophile (Icelandiphile? Neither of those is probably a real phrase) to appreciate song titles like ‘Thirsty Hoes’ and ‘Mile High Club’, and if you’re a fan of the modern trip-hop production style, these girls are cranking out some really enjoyable work. I’m sure I’d like it even more if I wasn’t caught up in the fact that they probably speak my own native language better than I do.

The video for ‘LÓFATAK’, in which the collective aims towards “giving you a full ‘Oops I Did It Again’ experience with a touch of hula hoop realness,” is goofy, stone-faced fun. No special effects or winking/nudging to give away the fact that it’s all one big lark. In most rap videos, the centrepiece revolves around cars or money or strip clubs or the streets, but the Daughters show that there’s nothing more gangster than a killer hula hoop routine.

Check out the video for ‘LÓFATAK’ down below.